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“It’s Eleven O’clock. . .
Do you know where your children are?”

Media Partners

Do You Know Where Your Children Are? Campaign is a public awareness campaign which we hope will saturate Central Ohio and lead to conversations and actions to help pinpoint where our children are in various aspects of their lives and direct them and their significant others to resources to help them towards positive growth and development.

To this end, one of the principle requirements is to have media partners to help us make the announcement on a regular basis and to air positive messages which will reinforce the do you know where your children are objectives.

That is why we are looking for media partners in radio and television who will commit to broadcast this simple message at 11 pm each night at no or reduced cost between March 31, 2024 and September 2, 2024 – And/or air 30 or 60 spots encouraging parents and the community to be on lookout for our children.

“It’s eleven o’clock, do you know where you children are?” For more, visit

Print media partners such as newspapers and magazines can write stories about the campaign and provide ad space promoting the campaign. Outdoor advertisers can also expand the campaign with outdoor signs asking the question: “Do you now where your children are?”



Churches, businesses, media outlets and individuals can donate money to offset the cost of purchasing necessary air time and print exposure as well as support a part time coordinator, office equipment to administer the campaign.


Parents, community members and well wishers can volunteer to spread the word to media outlet, parents and children as well as be will to identify themselves as supporters and backers of the campaign.

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For more information on how to become a Media Partner, a Sponsor and/or a Supporter

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Dr. C. Dexter Wise III at



Via Mail

P.O. Box 0771

Westerville, OH 43086


Thank you for making a donation today to help us look out for our children

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too. Tel: 614-898-1997

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