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Missing in More Ways than One

A child doesn’t need to have their face on the back of a milk carton to be missing. In fact, more often than not, our children go missing long before we ever miss them. They are missing school, missing meals, missing deadlines, missing attention, missing appointments, missing assignments, missing teeth, missing the bus.


And we, as adults are missing the signs. The drop in their grades. Their secretive behavior. Their unpredictable mood swings. Their new vocabulary.  The marks on their body. Their hanging out all night with no explanation. A sudden flood of cash which cannot be accounted for.  Did you miss that?

                           Check!              Check!              Check!

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Check mark.png
Check mark.png

Even if we could afford it, writing a check does not always solve the challenges which parents and their children face. This page provides an opportunity and encouragement for parents to use checks in other ways:


Check in with your child, if only to have a simple conversation around basic and key areas of his or her life..


Check down the various lists of signs which raise red flags and/or offer best practices for specific issues.


Check out agencies and avenues which can help troubleshoot and solve challenges.


Check up regularly for evidence of and to report signs of positive progress and the creation of a plan for continued improvement.

Where and How to Locate Your Child

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